She Freelances.

An open directory of experienced professionals in the Washington, DC area

She Freelances is an open, filterable directory of creative freelancers in the DC area who identify as female and/or non-binary. Freelancers in the DC area of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and religions are encouraged to sign up to be listed in the directory. She Freelances is trans-inclusive.

To be included in the She Freelances directory you must:

  • have at least one year of professional experience in your field,
  • be available for freelance work,
  • have a professional website showing your portfolio of work and telling us about you/your business, and
  • follow the instructions for submission

After submitting, if you’ve followed the instructions and met the requirements you’ll see yourself included in the directory…soon. If something is missing, you didn’t follow instructions or didn’t meet the requirements, we’ll send an email letting you know why we couldn’t include you in the directory or asking you to resubmit.

Say hello if you have comments, questions or technical issues:

Select if this is a remote position.
List types of work you specialize in. For example: Publication Design, Event Photography, WordPress, JavaScript.
Write a tweet-level bit about yourself and why folks should hire you, up to 140 characters.
You are an entrepreneur! This should be a professional website showing your portfolio of work and go into more depth about you and your business.